> Genesis

Aventures Solaires was born on the common conviction of its founders that rethink technology usage in a good way for the environment was a necessity for human being.

Combining various expertises and knowledge in Energy management, Mountain and Cycling, our objective is to demonstrate it is possible to grant everybody’s access to the altitude mountain landscapes, in full autonomy, with low carbon footprint. We designed an ideal circuit to discover the best of the Alps, together with local lifestyle deep discovery.

Our organisation is promoting green energy and innovation. Our philosophy is to be partner-orientated (with local hosts and hardware supply), including in our interactions with our clients (co-construction, personalization, community). In that spirit we intend to contribute the the international community to promote a new era in the alternative transportation.

> Our Core values

1. Innovation and  Sustainable Development

2. Autonomy, Freedom and Independance

3. Genuineness and et Conviviality

> Follow-us (experience sharing)

If you recognize our values, its mission and ambition, or the approach, please give us the opportunity to let you follow the progress:

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